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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Frank Schilling Memorial Day Gems

Strategies worthy of memorializing

The Frager Factor: Frank Schilling Gems: Why Do “Good” Domains Cost So Much?
The Frager Factor: Frank Schilling Gems: Why Do “Good” Domains Cost So Much?

I often hear secondary-market domain sales and names referred to as “powerful” or “expensive”. Not all domains are powerful of course.. And why exactly are the powerful ones considered powerful? Well.. As I’ve explained previously if you buy a good, meaningful, generic domain which garners some measure of organic type-in traffic for nothing more than the keyword weight of the name itself; you essentially have a storefront with guaranteed visitors coming into your door and strolling past the merchandise. Typing in a domain isn’t necessarily like a good storefront in a high traffic location, it’s more like the gift shop at the end of a theme park ride that you have to pass through to leave the ride. Only these visitors aren’t looking for the street.. they have self qualified the topic they seek by typing that particular domain name. In the real world you have to pay to lease...

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    Saturday, May 23, 2015

    How To Find Success Late In Life; How Far in Debt Should Your Business Go?

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      Why You Should Hire a Vet
      1. Sandeep Mukherjee
        There is no greater work pressure than putting your life on the line.. there is no greater leadership challenge than taking decisions that lead 
      2. Robert E. Selph
        Nothing breaks my hurt more than to see an unemployed Vet. US. Government contracting officials should grant more points to companies who are

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